NEWS11 July 2014

Child’s eye view of the world

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UK — The Pineapple Lounge (TPL) has launched Kids-Vision, a new technique for researching children’s behaviour.

The product has been designed to immerse brands in kids’ worlds, so that marketers can understand and see their brand from a child’s perspective.

It involves children wearing a go-pro camera on a chest harness. The cameras were originally designed for extreme sports but because they are small, lightweight and robust children forget they are wearing them and it allows their normal behaviour to be observed.

TPL developed the approach to view the everyday experiences of children and provide insight into the things that children simply can’t remember – either because they are innate, such as the use of devices and media, or because they are functional which is hard for children to talk about out of context. TPL then converts the output into video content for clients.

Emma Worrollo, founder of TPL, said: “For the first time we can experience occasions that normally would be off-limits, because of access or because they would be disrupted by the presence of a researcher. We can now see what it’s like to be at a sleepover, on a shopping trip, at a play date, and even to observe mealtimes from a kid’s point of view.”

The Pineapple Lounge specialises in children and family research and is part of the insight consultancy Firefish.