NEWS16 November 2009

Charitable survey campaign to crowdsource ads

News North America

US— The Chief Marketing Officer Council has announced plans to crowdsource ideas for public service announcements to promote its Pause to Support a Cause initiative, which aims to attract hard-to-reach respondents by making charity donations on their behalf.

The organisation will run a contest on the Zooppa crowdsourcing site, drawing on the creative ideas and talents of an online community of tens of thousands of people. Contestants can submit print ads, online banners and videos for the campaign.

Entries will be judged by advisory board members of the CMO Council and the Pause to Support a Cause campaign, to come up with a shortlist of 12 finalists whose creations will appear on the organisation’s website. Winners will have their creations published by the council’s media partners.

The Pause to Support a Cause campaign aims to help companies “survey the socially beneficial way”, as well as providing a novel way to motivate hard-to-reach groups to take part in surveys.