NEWS9 May 2014

Channel 4 tunes in to its viewers

News UK

UK — Channel 4 is working alongside eDigitalResearch on a new audience insight panel, core4.

Channel 4, which launched the panel in December, intends to initially recruit around 10,000 viewers, who will be asked for feedback on programme and marketing concepts and pilot shows, among other topics. In return, panellists will be given the opportunity to win prizes. A new consumer marketing campaign encouraging viewers to sign up to core4 launches this weekend.

Andrew Tenzer, advertising research & development manager at Channel 4 said: “Our new core4 panel will give our viewers a real stake in Channel 4 as we encourage them to tell us exactly what they think of us – and our ears are open to all their views. The valuable insight from the panel will be utilised by both editorial and commercial teams to further understanding into the mindset of our audience.”

“This is another key development in helping us to enrich our relationship with our viewers and ensure they get more out of their experience of Channel 4.”

Channel 4 launched a previous viewer research panel of 2,000 viewers in 2006, in partnership with Ipsos Media.