NEWS1 November 2013

CBS and Nielsen announce first ever cross-media measurement trial

News North America

US — CBS and Nielsen have announced a trial to combine television and radio audience data to measure local broadcast cross-media campaigns.

The trial will focus on combining CBS local TV audience data with CBS radio audience data to build a foundation that measures unduplicated reach and time spent across both media. The trial will also measure reach and frequency for campaigns running on both local TV and radio.

Nielsen intends to open participation across a wider group of clients as the test develops.

By looking at audiences across local TV and radio in a given month, CBS is exploring the development of an analytic framework that would allow media planners to develop cross-media strategies to “maximise reach as well as address the issues of day-to-day and week-to-week reach, distribution, and the concept of ‘recency’.”

“CBS is uniquely positioned to provide advertisers with the combination of market penetration and controlled-frequency distribution needed to optimise the return from their media investments in this market,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS Corporation (pictured). “Armed with this new cross-platform, local market custom analysis, each advertiser will be able to use these powerful media to their full potential and both TV and radio stations nationwide will benefit.”

Lynda Clarizio, president of US Media, Nielsen, added: “We are very pleased to be working with CBS to bring together television and radio measurement as a result of our newly acquired Nielsen Audio capabilities and for the benefit of all clients. Developing new models of cross-media measurement allow our clients to identify expanded markets of potentially loyal consumers of products or content.”