NEWS2 November 2011

Casro publishes social media guidelines

North America Trends

US— The Council of American Survey Research Organisations (Casro) has published its social media research guidelines, designed to provide an ethical framework for conducting MR in online social environments.

Diane Bowers (pictured), Casro president, said: “These are not mandated standards. We expect these guidelines will evolve based on changes in the social media environment and research industry. As such, comments, additions and edits are welcome and will be given careful consideration by our task force.”

A draft version of the guidelines was published in August, and the ‘final’ version can be found here.

The publication of these and other social media guidelines and discussion papers sparked plenty of industry debate this summer over whether the same ethical principles that guide survey-based and in-person research can be applied to social media or whether a new approach was needed.

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