NEWS10 August 2011

Casro publishes draft social media guidelines

North America

US— The Council of American Survey Research Organisations (Casro) has published a draft set of guidelines for social media research and is seeking industry comment.

The guidelines were drawn up in consultation with Esomar, and are similar in many respects to what Esomar published last month.

The document looks to apply the existing Casro code of standards and ethics to work carried out in public and private online spaces, like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and ‘walled garden’ communities, as well as networks and communities specifically designed for research purposes.

Peter Milla, who was a principle author of the draft and a member of the Casro social media taskforce, said: “We realise that the online space is a dynamic environment and therefore these guidelines establish continuing ethical principles that researchers can apply to specific technologies and methods as they emerge.”

View the guidelines online here.


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13 years ago

Dear Peter, I hope CASRO will take into account our feedback during the recent data privacy debate. Our position is that if a comment is placed on a public website researchers should not have to mask the name of the poster or any other meta data. thanks Michalis

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