NEWS12 June 2018

Canvs launches emotion tool for surveys

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US – Emotion measurement AI company Canvs has launched a tool helping researchers to measure emotions in open-ended survey responses.

Emotions drawing chalk_Crop

The technology, Canvs Surveys, uses AI to automate the processing of open-ended response language analysis. It is based on the company’s existing product,, which is used by TV companies including Comcast and Netflix to gauge emotions in audience comments on social media platforms.

The technology uses semantic AI and machine learning and draws from a knowledge base of 100 million words, expressions, acronyms, slang and emojis to analyse language, according to the company.

The new survey tool is currently being used by NBC Universal for its pilot testing. The network says using the technology has made its open-ended survey analysis process more efficient.

Canvs says it is offering researchers the chance to preview the new technology by analysing their first 5,000 open-ended responses for free.