NEWS24 February 2021

Canvs enhances analysis tools

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US – Customer insights platform Canvs has relaunched two market research and emotion measurement tools as part of a raft of product upgrades.

Speech bubbles with data points

‘Canvs MRX’, formerly Canvs Surveys, and ‘Canvs Social, formerly Campaigns, have been renamed in an attempt to simplify the company’s product portfolio.

Canvs MRX analyses open-ended text from both data collection services or other digital conversation sources, such as product reviews and social media. The tool has also been upgraded to include options to export data visualisations.

Canvs Social is an emotion measurement tool that analyses social media commentary to identify consumer reactions to campaign messaging and then share the insights collected.

Other upgrades to Canvs’ products include adding topic analysis alongside emotion measurement on ‘Canvs TV’, the company’s over-the-top and linear television airing performance platform.

Canvs TV will also produce a unified view combining feedback from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, adding to the existing inclusion of Twitter.

Erinn Taylor, executive vice-president of product and platform for Canvs, said: “We are simplifying and clarifying our product portfolio. Canvs does not have a survey tool, nor do we collect our own survey data. We focus on the challenging, manual work of understanding digital conversations.”