NEWS15 October 2021

Canvs AI and GetWizer partner on text analysis


US – Automated customer insights platform GetWizer and deep text analysis business Canvs AI have partnered on a tool to analyse open-ended text-based questions.

Speech bubbles with data points

The partnership between the two companies will see Canvs AI’s text analytics platform integrated into GetWizer’s customer insights platform to allow survey questions to be analysed quicker and more efficiently.

GetWizer, which is backed by Nielsen, runs a consumer insights platform that focuses on automating the market research process.

Canvs AI is a customer insights platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to analyse how consumers feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact of those feelings and behaviours.

Jared Feldman, chief executive and founder of Canvs AI, said: “We will add to getWizer’s capabilities by enabling them to offer near-instant insights from open-ended, text-based questions.”

Alon Ravid, chief executive and co-founder of GetWizer, said: “While open-ended questions can offer the ability to truly understand the needs, wants and aspirations of consumers, they add a significant burden to the research process as it requires time and expertise to digest and extract insights from large amounts of additional text.

Canvs AI automates this process to rapidly boost time to insight.”