NEWS25 March 2021

BVA BDRC staff get sale bonus payout

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UK – Staff at market research business BVA BDRC have received a bonus payout of £1.5m as a result of the company’s 2018 sale to Paris-based BVA Group.

Cris-Tarrant bva bdrc_crop

As part of BVA’s acquisition of BDRC, there was an earn-out provision based on the group’s subsequent performance, and BDRC Group’s then-shareholders decided to direct part of the earn-out into a pool for staff bonuses.

All permanent staff who worked in any of the group companies – BVA BDRC, ESA Retail, Alligator, Perspective and Viewpoint – during the 2019 earn-out year participated in the scheme. 

Staff who worked the full year received at least one bonus unit, valued at over £4,000. Some longer serving and more senior members of staff received multiple bonus units.

The bonus was due to be paid in June 2020 but was delayed when BVA Group went into receivership. The company went through a management buyout in January.

Cris Tarrant, chief executive of BVA BDRC (pictured), said: “In keeping with the culture of our business, the owners wanted some of the benefits of the sale to flow to all our team members, from CATI supervisors and quality control checkers through to the directors in each business. We are delighted to be sharing this well-earned bonus with them.”