NEWS27 November 2012

Business intelligence platform WatchMyCompetitor launches

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UK — A business intelligence platform called has been launched, which will alert users when competitors’ websites change.

The site, which launched today, will allow businesses to automatically monitor any website and gain business intelligence on competitor pricing, products or service changes. It will also offer media and social media monitoring in order for firms to analyse market sentiment.

It runs as a cloud-based platform offering continuous monitoring from £19.99 a month on a pay-as-you-go basis using personalised dashboards to monitor the collateral requested and send out automatic alerts.

Richard Jackson, CEO of, said: “All companies, no matter what their size, need to keep tabs on what their competitors, clients and partners are doing. Using is like having your own professional market research team working in the background, which means you never miss a thing.

“Whether it is monitoring key client relationships, keeping an eye out for potential customers or reacting quickly to competitive pressures, our web-based service offers people perfect knowledge.”

“Some companies may be using Google Alerts, but it is a pretty blunt tool and doesn’t allow you to monitor specific competitor websites. Then of course there are expensive social media monitoring solutions, but they cost a lot of money and are difficult to set up correctly. covers all bases in one package.”


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9 years ago

This sounds like a great platform! I think with business intelligence you always need to be aware of changes that are occurring

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