NEWS9 September 2010

Business analytics firm Anametrix secures $1.15m investment

Financials North America

US— Anametrix, the company founded by former WebSideStory executives Blaise Barrelet and Anders Olsson, has bagged a $1.15m investment, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The filing did not disclose the names of the investors, but it follows an announcement last month of two new private investors in the company – Dr. Alain Schreiber, managing partner at ProQuest Investments and Laurent Asscher, president and CEO of Airtek Capital Group.

Barrelet (pictured left with Olsson) claims to be building a “billion-doller business” with Anametrix, whose business analytics platform works as a hub for web analytics, social media monitoring, internal business intelligence and other data sets, and is intended to be used by companies as a means of leveraging data to enhance product performance, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.