NEWS30 June 2017

Britons now associate advertising with fake news

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UK – Nearly three quarters ( 71%) of Britons now associate advertising with ‘fake news', compared with only 58% of Americans and 54% of French and German consumers. 

Fake news written on typewriter

The study, commissioned by Rakuten marketing, surveyed over 2,500 global consumers. It revealed that despite the clear British scepticism, more Americans ( 43%) reported a bad experience with an online ad than UK consumers ( 25%). 

The study also revealed that 45% of consumers say they will abandon a site following a poor experience, and a further 19% will avoid brands they associate with bad practice. 

Nevertheless, globally, 70% of consumers said they thought advertising was OK when it was useful to them, and 65% agreed that advertising can be valuable when it aligns with their interests and is integrated into content seamlessly. 

"Access to free content online is one of the most valuable propositions the internet offers, but the advertising that funds it needs to get better," said Tony Zito, CEO of Rakuten Marketing.

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