NEWS18 May 2023

Brandwatch adds GPT AI tech

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US – Enterprise social insights company Brandwatch has updated its in-app artificial intelligence analyst to include GPT technology.

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GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) is a type of artificial intelligence language model.

Brandwatch launched its Iris engine in 2018. With the expansion and addition of GPT technology, it can now produce natural-language summaries to highlight themes and trends within data sets.

Incorporating GPT technology also means users of Iris will be able to access a writing assistant tool to generate social media posts and replies, and access AI-generated metrics and themes behind owned and competitor content.

The company’s AI analyst is used by marketers, analysts, and researchers to surface insights from online data

Michael Amsinck, chief product officer at Brandwatch, said the introduction of GPT was the “next evolution” of Iris.