NEWS6 June 2022

Brands must do more on the menopause, finds study

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UK – Brands are failing to provide enough assistance for women going through the menopause, according to research by Kantar and menopause support organisation Over the Bloody Moon.

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The research, called Redefining the Menopause, found that two-thirds of women experiencing the menopause or the perimenopause felt brands do not do enough to support them through the transition.

In addition, 76% of women in the research felt they were not represented at all by brands’ advertising and marketing.

The findings are based on a consumer survey of a UK nationally representative sample of 1,000 perimenopausal and menopausal women aged between 30 and 65 conducted online in March 2022.

Kantar found that the most common menopausal symptoms were related to negative impacts on feelings and mood ( 67%) and self-confidence ( 59%), and added that aspirational advertising could address this lack of self-confidence through better representation.

However, it also revealed a broad spectrum of attitudes towards and experiences of the menopause, influenced by factors including women’s age, their symptoms and how long and with what intensity they had been occurring, and women’s access to support networks.

Helen Rowe, brand consultant in Kantar’s Insights division, said: “Conversation around the menopause is evolving but there’s still major work to be done to drive awareness and make sure women are getting the help they need.

“Consumers expect much more from businesses now than just selling products and brands have power to drive positive change for society and for individuals – Bodyform’s campaign to normalise menstruation is a great example. We need similar discourse and action around the menopause.”

Lesley Salem, founder at Over the Bloody Moon, said: “We know from our community that most women are looking for ways to manage their menopause, so they can continue to operate at their optimum.

“While we always recommend women first visit a healthcare professional to assess their options, brands can play a vital role in educating and empowering people through their journey and signposting them to resources and proven tools.”