NEWS11 May 2017

Brands don't care about the social causes they promote, say consumers

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UK – Nearly a third ( 32%) of British people believe that brands don't care about the social causes they promote, according to new research from Future Thinking. 

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According to the survey of around 4,000 respondents, 29% of people believe that brands ‘do their best when it comes to doing social good but don't always get it right'; and 15% believe that they ‘make a valuable contribution to the social causes they care about'. 

It also revealed that 30% of people are somewhat or extremely likely to campaign against a brand if it has done something offensive. 

“Now more than ever, brand transparency and ethics are key. Consumers are becoming more aware of malpractice and brands should be doing more to not just implement damage control, but actually make an effort to improve their ethical practices," said Shaun Austin, research director at Future Thinking.

“We’ve seen it with the recent Uber and United Airlines scandals, and Future Thinking’s latest research clearly shows that 30% of consumers would campaign against a morally unappealing brand. This is a sizeable demographic and, as the age-old adage states: the customer is always right."