NEWS23 March 2010

Brand Amplitude targets Gen Y advertisers with marketing unit

North America

US— Research and consulting firm Brand Amplitude is putting its own advice into practice with the launch of a Millenial Marketing unit that will work with companies to hone marketing programmes to engage and reach Gen Y consumers.

Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips

Agency founder Carol Phillips will lead the effort. She says: “Brand Amplitude has a point of view about what motivates Millennials and how to market to them that is based on research and other evidence, not just opinion.

“Teens and young adults are in a different place today than they were 20 years ago. To connect with Millennials, brand managers have to understand who they are and how to speak their language. Right now there’s often a disconnect.”

Phillips boasts of “extensive connections among Gen Y students, marketers and bloggers” which she says she will tap to help marketers develop Gen Y-focused social media, mobile marketing and traditional media campaigns.