NEWS22 September 2015

BrainJuicer unveils ‘System 1’ commmunications test

North America Technology

UK — BrainJuicer has launched ComScan, a ‘System 1’ communications testing methodology.

ComScan is designed as an overnight test of a brand’s creative emotional resonance.

The test uses BrainJuicer’s FaceTrace tool, which captures how respondents feel about creative and the intensity to which they feel that emotion. The company’s MindReader tool then gathers information, via respondent explanation, on why they reacted in that way.

“ComScan is a superb tool for getting the fast creative read clients need, when they need it,” said Alex Hunt, president – the Americas.

“In an increasingly fast-paced world, in which media investment is becoming more fragmented than ever, our clients have a real urgency for a copy testing solution that can test cross-channel/cross-stage creative quickly and cost effectively while at the same time tapping into the System 1 emotional response that is predictive of long-term brand growth.”