NEWS23 September 2011

BrainJuicer hands Ewing role of digital culture officer

People UK

UK— Tom Ewing is taking up the post of digital culture officer at BrainJuicer, he has announced on his final day at Kantar Operations.

Ewing – whose move to BrainJuicer was revealed by Research earlier this week – explains in a blog post that the job title was “stolen and mutated from Grant McCracken’s book Chief Culture Officer, in which he says that businesses need someone to act as a kind of lens and coalmine-canary for cultural shifts, new ideas and trends”.

“What I want to do at BrainJuicer is play that kind of role for digital culture – social networks, online identity creation, games, collaborative projects, memes, fandoms, start-ups, communities – all the fascinating and creative ways people work and play with the internet. I know more about some of these areas than others, but a new job would be very boring if I already knew everything about it going in.”

Ewing was, until today, social knowledge leader at Kantar Operations, a role he held for three years. Before that was senior content manager at Research International and an internet analyst at Nielsen Netratings.