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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Kantar's Ewing set to join BrainJuicer

UK— Tom Ewing, Kantar Operations social knowledge leader, is set to join BrainJuicer, Research has learned.

Ewing leaves Kantar this week and will take up his new role next month. The exact nature of the role is unclear at this time, but in recent years his work has focused on the intersection of social media and market research.

BrainJuicer has also experimented with using social media platforms for research purposes, most notably with its DigiViduals – online research robots that are programmed to represent a particular type of person. They then trawl Twitter and other social media sites to find comments, videos, photos and blog posts produced by people matching their profile.

More on Ewing’s new role as we hear it.

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