NEWS22 April 2016

Big data worries around the Internet of Things

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US – The volume of data collected with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the main concern among consumers according to a report monitoring social media conversations on the subject.

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In State of the Internet of Things: What’s Leading Market Conversations Argos Insights analysed 2.3 million social mentions on Twitter about IoT and found the primary worry was big data and security issues about information stored in the cloud from these connected devices.

The report found that big data was ahead of general discussions of wearables, cloud, smart home, smart cities and more. Among IoT in general, it was security concerns that predominate, showing significantly more social mentions than privacy concerns.

Among social conversations monitored over the course of the report period, talk of brands accounted for less than 10% of the overall IoT social discussion

John Feland, CEO, Argus Insights, said: “Security concerns for consumers are definitely on the rise and this goes double for any enterprise deployments. Security issues continue to be a real roadblock for IoT product acceptance. Though there was definitely talk about Google, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Cisco and the rest, no single brand is dominating the overall IoT conversation.”

“Given the multiple, and at times, confusing definitions of the internet of things, seeing this diversity played out over social conversations is a clear indicator that while overall interest in IoT is increasing, no single company has control of the market,” Feland added.