NEWS6 July 2011

Behavioural Architects adds Barker to launch line-up

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UK— The Behavioural Architects, the agency launched by former Futures Company leaders Crawford Hollingworth, Sian Davies and Sarah Davies, has hired Elizabeth Barker as global head of behavioural economics intelligence and networks.

Barker’s role will be to build and manage a network of global experts to work with the agency, while striking up relationships with universities to help The Behavioural Architects achieve its aim of building bridges between the academic world of behavioural sciences and marketing.

She will also be responsible for developing a global behavioural economic database.

Barker says: “I have become fascinated with the way behavioural economics opens up a whole new understanding of why people behave as they do and why they buy one product versus another. I have been lucky to have been involved in a number of global projects which have leveraged this understanding for projects on climate change policy through to directly changing consumer saving behaviour. ”

She joins from Oxford Analytica where she worked as deputy director of advisory.

Research first reported on the launch of The Behavioural Architects last month.


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13 years ago

The team is already a flop, and adding a new face wont help the future of this trio. They planned sabotage against their employer and poached ex colleagues. dont see a bright future espicially with the unskilled sarah davies big boos

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