NEWS24 January 2024

Behaviorally launches behavioural qual platform

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US – Consumer behaviour firm Behaviorally has created a tech platform for behavioural qualitative research.

Gladys logo

The platform, called Gladys (Generative Learnings Attitudes and Decisions of Your Shoppers), collates behavioural qualitative data from the moment of purchase and provides insight on consumer attitudes and actions.

Gladys also allows brands to work with moderators to get a greater understanding of consumer behaviour and responses to packaging designs at the moment a purchase is made.

In addition, the platform combines qualitative research with Behaviourally artificial intelligence tool PackPower Score, which predicts the sales impact of new packaging designs.

Sheryl Brie, senior vice-president of behavioural qualitative at Behaviorally, said: “By fully integrating tech-enabled tools with behavioural qualitative methods at the point of transaction, we are no longer just collecting data; instead, we’re unravelling the intricacies of shopper behaviour and motivations that activate decisions to empower brands.

“Gladys transforms qualitative research into a collaborative and fully dynamic process, ensuring brands possess timely and actionable data to create empathy with their consumers to win at the most valuable moment in marketing: the purchase transaction.”