NEWS19 March 2018

BDRC launches high value traveller omnibus

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UK – Global insights firm BDRC has created a global high value traveller omnibus (GTO) reaching international travellers at the point of ticket purchase. 

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The company said the sample source is of verified flyers, with no reliance on either access panel or respondent claimed behaviour. 

The methodology has already been used in its Media GPS study which BDRC ran last year for clients such as CNN, BBC Worldwide and Bloomberg. The GTO will have a 5,000-interview global sample size, representative of the about 10m international flyers travelling every week.

Data will be collected over a one-month period every quarter. Net arrivals and departures will deliver regional sample sizes of 2,000 for both Europe and Asia, 1,500 for North America, and 1,000 each for Latin America and Africa/Middle East. 

The sample profile has an upmarket emphasis on high value, regular travellers with a global average income of $100k, an average of eight international flights a year and with around half flying for business on their current trip.

James Myring, director media and internet research, said: “The GTO will appeal to both global and regional brands that are interested in what high value international travellers think of them and their communications. This is a notoriously difficult audience to reach, but our unique sample source achieves this, and it does so ‘in the moment’ of the consumer’s journey.”