NEWS15 February 2017

Bakamo launches behaviour-focused social listening tool

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HUNGARY – Bakamo Social has launched Market Maps, a social listening product that aims to reveal the motivations and needs of consumers in any category.

Online behaviour crop

According to the announcement, social media market maps can underpin the understanding of consumer journeys via their experiences, as well as defining need-based segments. 

By using human – rather than automated – analysis, Bakamo claims that it can understand not only what people are saying, but what they hope to achieve by saying it. This allows for the identification of emotional triggers and rational context for topics, from which motivations and needs can be understood.

“Brands have been frustrated by the limited strategic insight they get from typical keyword solutions," said Bakamo CEO Jonathan Deitch. 

"Our Market Maps unlock the full potential of social for understanding human behaviour and acting on it for marketing and product development.”