NEWS23 February 2016

B2B CEOs increasingly turning to data analytics

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US — 50% of CEOs of B2B media and information companies intend to make more hires in the area of data analysis — more than any other area — according to a new survey. 

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The 2015 Business Information Survey reveals how digital and other services are reshaping the B2B media and information industry. This includes planned future investments in data analytics

The report covers the perceived shift away from print communications towards events and paid content and data products in the B2B space. It also looks at the intention of B2B media and information companies to harness the power of data: according to the findings, 50% of companies surveyed planned to increase headcount in the field of data analysis – seven percentage points higher than any other area of staffing. 

The report was produced by Connectiv – The Business Information Association, a division of SIIA, which represents the software and digital content industries. 

“Our study gives a clear indication that the shift from print to digital will move into hyper-speed over the next few years," said Mike Marchesano, MD of Connectiv.

"Companies have already made substantial investments in digital categories, and they clearly have no plans to slow down.  In fact, we find that data analytics will be the top category for planned headcount increases in the year ahead."