NEWS22 October 2010

Austria’s Promoters Consulting launches qual division

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AUSTRIA— Vienna-based Promoters Consulting has set up a qualitative market research division, IFQM, which will specialise in motivational research.

The new business will be led by Christian Führer, while Rainer Gries of the University of Vienna’s institute for media and communication studies will support the agency as scientific consultant.

Führer co-counded Promoters in 2002 with Claus Ryba, and has since worked for German agency Psychonomics (now owned by YouGov), Globalpark Austria and the Austrian research association VMÖ.

He said of IFQM: “We want to set ourselves apart through two qualities in particular. Firstly we align ourselves in our work with the theories and methods of Ernest Dichter [the pscyhologist and motivational research expert], and secondly we follow Dichter’s belief that qualitative researchers must not just leave clients with results, they must help them with implementation.”