NEWS14 October 2010

Australian government department signs up for Mouse Eye Tracking

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AUSTRALIA— The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has signed up to use PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking software to better understand the behaviour of its website visitors.

The software provides users with a view of what website visitors are looking at by tracking where the mouse clicks on the page.

According to the firm’s research, there is an 84% correlation between mouse clicks and the parts of a website a user actually looks at.

DAFF had previously trialled a free version of the software to check for accuracy and effectiveness before committing to a full purchase.


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10 years ago

But real eye tracking shows that 1 people look where they click their mouse but 2) in the modern web environment people do not follow their eye gaze with their mouse. Particularly with scrolling mice. Web analytics data show exactly the same results.

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