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Australia unveils ‘Total TV’ metric

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AUSTRALIA – Australia’s TV industry has joined forces to provide a total figure for all advertising spend across commercial television.

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According to ThinkTV’s announcement, the Total TV metric includes metropolitan and regional revenues from commercial broadcasters. 

The metric is based on figures from KPMG that have been supplied by each broadcaster for the half-year July to December 2016, including Nine Network, Seven Network, Network Ten, Multi Channel Network/ Foxtel and SBS. The figure also includes participants’ long form AVOD (advertising funded video on demand) revenues.

The new metric reveals that the Total TV market declined by 2.72% to $2.23bn, though AVOD revenue grew by 48% to $38.1m.

“The new Total TV metric is further proof of the industry’s commitment to work collaboratively to provide advertisers and their agencies with a clear view of advertising revenue in the TV sector," said Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV.

"It shows a willingness to communicate transparently and clearly with clients and customers to ensure they have the information they need to get the very best out of today’s TV, which is multi-platform, anywhere and anytime.” 


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I'd hardly call advertising spend a 'metric'.

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