NEWS28 August 2012

AT&T tool to fuse TV and mobile audience data

North America Technology

US— AT&T AdWorks is launching a new behavioural offering called AT&T AdWorks Reflection, which it claims will provide advertisers with insights for online campaigns, garnered from TV and mobile contextual audience behaviour.

The tool is due to launch in mid-September and uses a proprietary algorithm developed by AT&T Labs.

It works by building aggregate and anonymous audience segments for a desired television series or insights from mobile content usage based on actual, rather than sample-based aggregate data. It then uses the algorithm to identify common attributes to target these similar audiences online. The data is based on non-personally identifiable and aggregate information.

Michael Rosen, VP, online and mobile sales, AT&T AdWorks, explains: “AT&T AdWorks Reflection offers real-time audience targeting on AT&T AdWorks’ Online Audience Network based on historical TV viewership and insights from mobile content usage with owned and operated aggregate and anonymous audience data with AT&T’s TV and mobile customer base.”

The aim of the tool is to provide marketers with insights to enable advertisers to extend the reach, frequency and effectiveness of an advertising message from TV or mobile to audiences online.