NEWS8 April 2014

AskingCanadians to start AskingAmericans as well

North America

US — Online data collection firm AskingCanadians is branching out into the US with the launch of AskingAmericans.

The new data collection business says it will provide access to 10 million opted-in survey-takers, in part thanks to an existing strategic partnership with the online sample company Research For Good (RFG).

AskingCanadians and RFG have worked together since October last year.

Commenting on the launch of AskingAmericans, vice-president Raj Manocha said: “Our team handles over 1,500 projects per year and services some of the largest global market research firms in the industry. As we implement our growth strategy and expand into the US we will be doubling our capacity and creating new opportunities to showcase our brand and service offering.”