NEWS27 July 2012

Arbitron to measure GameStop TV audience

New business North America

US— CBS Outernet, a division of CBS Outdoor, has signed Arbitron on a multi-year deal deal to provide audience estimates for its GameStop TV network.

The TV network is broadcast in each of the 4,300 GameStop stores across the US, and Arbitron will use on-site consumer surveys, behavioural observation and transaction data provided by the retailer. Estimates will be reported by standard broadcast gender and age demographic groups.

Jesse London,VP at CBS Outernet said: “GameStop TV delivers a huge male 12-34 demographic by targeting a real point of passion. This new Arbitron agreement will provide our advertisers with monthly audience data in real time and make our audience metrics more timely and accurate.”

GameStop said that the integration of survey results with chain-wide transaction data would provide it “with some of the most reliable audience metrics in the digital media marketplace”.