NEWS25 October 2011

Arbitron sees Q3 growth, eyes cross-platform future

Financials North America

US— Arbitron has seen third quarter revenue rise 6.1% to $105.6m thanks to the continued commercialisation of portable people meter-based (PPM) radio ratings services in new US markets and planned PPM price increases.

Costs were down 1.8% and earnings were up. EBITDA for the three months ended 30 September was $33.6m, an increase of 32.4%, while net income rose 36% to $15.4m.

Nine-month revenue and profit grew at similar rates to $302.2m and $39.2m respectively.

While upgrading its radio measurement services, Arbitron CEO William Kerr said the firm was also making “promising steps in establishing ourselves in the market for cross-platform services”.

The acquisition in July of Finnish mobile audience measurement firm Zokem is a “valuable” component of that strategy, Kerr said.

Meanwhile, “a proof-of-concept project awarded to Arbitron by the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) to use a single-source panel to measure television, internet and mobile usage is now up and running”, Kerr said. The first results of are expected to be delivered to CIMM members in the fourth quarter.