NEWS19 April 2012

Arbitron revenue up 5.5% in first quarter

Financials North America

US— Radio ratings firm Arbitron has posted revenue up 5.5% to $106.4m in the first quarter, with operating income rising 4.7% to $75.2m.

Net income increased 9.6% to $17.8m.

The firm said Q1 sales were helped by annual rate increases and the phasing in of contracted price increases for the portable people meter (PPM) service.

President and CEO William Kerr (pictured) said: “Our results and our activities in the first quarter are well aligned with our long standing priorities for enhancing our core services and for generating revenue growth.”

He added that the company’s new syndicated mobile measurement panel, which was launched this week, would help Arbitron Mobile “expand its footprint” in the US.