NEWS25 April 2013

AOP launches study on mobile advertising

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UK — The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has launched a mobile advertising initiative to boost ad spend.

AOP is working with Mindshare and its rich media provider, Celtra, to conduct the research stage of the initiative to prove the value of premium mobile advertising and will also look at the consumer experience.

The consumer experience test will look at how users respond to a creative format in a premium content environment and aims to inform how publishers deliver relevancy to their users where ads are part of that environment.

The 16 AOP publisher members that have signed on account for around 24% of the UK’s total internet audience and comScore is also supporting the AOP with mobile audience data from its MMX Multi-Platform product.

Mindshare’s head of mobile James Chandler said: “This research will re-position premium publisher content at the heart of mobile advertising, demonstrating the effectiveness of placing quality brands in quality editorial environments to achieve optimum advertising results.”

The 16 AOP members signed up are: Bauer; CBS; Conde Nast; Future; Guardian; Global Radio; The Sun; Telegraph; Trinity Mirror; Johnston Press; IPC; Trader; Hearst; Incisive; RTE; and Swift.


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11 years ago

Will be looking forward to the findings here. Three years ago, nobody cared enough to do this. And only recently, as the demand for ROI has spiked among mobile advertisers, have we seen a real concerted effort on the part of the mobile ad industry to learn what truly drives engagement. I think ad formats are deserving of a study all their own. When you look at the most effective and creative ad networks today - Airpush, Tapjoy, InMobi, Millennial - there's a common trend or migration toward video ads and rich media. It seems like moving past the banner into more novel ad formats has been critical for expanding user engagement and driving growth across the entire industry. So much to analyze here!

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