NEWS14 June 2013

AOL’s Be On teams up with Realeyes to measure emotion

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UK — AOL’s brand content business Be On has entered into a partnership with emotional testing platform Realeyes to measure reactions to branded video content.

Be On will now offer biometric tracking to determine the emotional impact of a piece of video content plugging into consumer panels such as CINT and Toluna.

The partnership allows brands to measure the emotional impact of their content frame-by-frame at launch or before it goes live with LG being one of the first brands to integrate the technology for branded video content with its latest campaign So Real It’s Scary 2 which tested over 600 viewers’ emotional response.

“Measuring the creative strength of any content at scale has been a challenge as it has relied on self-reported surveys and focus groups. With such an explosion in video advertising scale and speed , these methods now struggle to deliver credible feedback on the relationship between consumers and brands,” said Mihkel Jäätma CEO, Realeyes. “Emotions are key to successful communication and our fully automated facial coding platform can reveal subconscious reactions to any video content quickly, and at scale.”