NEWS2 April 2015

Antedote launches online innovation platform

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US — Antedote has launched an online qualitative research platform, the Idea Accelerator.

The platform allows businesses to explore ideas, concepts, packaging designs and communications in real time on a global scale.

Study participants can interact with visual, written or video materials via desktop, tablet or mobile, with response data tagged and captured for analysis and aggregation, including heat maps for each individual idea or concept.

“Product, packaging and service idea and concept exploration and testing with consumers around the world is expensive and time consuming – and the cost of failure can be high,” said Adam French, co-founder of Antedote. “The Antedote Idea Accelerator platform is a game-changer, addressing the limitations inherent in traditional qualitative research and accelerating the innovation process for new products and services to allow a multi-market study to be done in hours vs. weeks and months using existing methods.”