NEWS10 March 2017

Andrew Edsall joins SIS to lead new Tokyo office

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TOKYO - SIS International Research has hired Andrew Edsall to lead its new Tokyo office as business development director for the Asia Pacific region.

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Edsall’s role will include sales support and client servicing in Japan and across the Asia Pacific region, where SIS offers full-service research services and fieldwork to clients in the consumer, B2B, industrial, automotive and healthcare industries.

He joins a regional team including Iris Lorenzo, SVP of market intelligence, and Juemelle Villamora, senior project director, based in Manila, Philippines.

Edsall brings extensive experience of conducting strategic B2B market analysis in Japan, where he has lived for more than 15 years. He previously held senior positions at recruitment firms, where his work included market intelligence gathering, group panel discussions and market entry analysis to help clients overseas understand how to penetrate the Japanese market. 

Edsall said: “I am very pleased to be joining the dynamic SIS International team. The office allows us to grow our team and capabilities in Asia. Our facilities allow us to efficiently conduct qualitative fieldwork, quantitative data collection and strategy research in the heart of Asia and serve the China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia markets.”

Founded in 1984, SIS has its headquarters in New York and also has offices in Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Manila.