NEWS29 April 2021

AMSRO rebrands to reflect data analytics

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AUSTRALIA – The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) has changed its name to the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA).

/img/Sarah Campbell CEO ADIA & George Zdanowicz President ADIA (April 2021) _crop.jpeg

The organisation chose the name following research and consultation with its members and has ratified the decision at a special resolution member meeting.

The broader name will represent traditional research organisations and new types of companies generating insights from data analytics and other sources.

George Zdanowicz, president of ADIA (pictured, right), said: “Our research showed that increasingly clients are looking to our member organisations for insights from a wider array of data sources or turning to providers other than traditional research agencies.”

Zdanowicz said the brand AMSRO – The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations – which was first incorporated in the 1980s, was no longer seen to “comprehensively represent our whole industry”.

He added: “Data and insights are the core elements of the market and social research industry, and the Australian Data and Insights Association is designed to reflect emerging research trends.”

The association is the administrator of the privacy code for Australian market and social research, and has the power to investigate and take action against breaches.

Sarah Campbell, chief executive, ADIA (pictured, left), said: “ADIA’s primary objective is to protect and promote the industry so that our members’ significant contribution to Australia’s economic, social and political well-being continues. We look forward to welcoming new members who bring best practice experience in technology enabled research and data analytics to our association.”