NEWS19 November 2009

Amex launches business insights division

Data analytics North America

US— American Express has launched a new analytics and consulting business that will identify strategic opportunities based on credit card sales data from 90 million cards.

The firm’s new business insights arm will provide clients with data-driven insights focused on specific customer segments, which Amex said will help clients develop customised marketing and growth strategies.

Consulting services to be offered include identifying consumer spending trends, new product innovation, geographic expansion, customer acquisition and retention, improving marketing and advertising strategies and customer relationship management.

Bill Glenn (pictured), Amex’s president of global merchant services, will lead the new venture. He said: “Our ability to interpret trend patterns across the American Express global network represents an unprecedented reserve of competitive insights for business that are fighting hard every day to improve their offerings and reach their customers more effectively.”


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15 years ago

Behavioral data is the future. Why ask people what they bought when we can know for sure through so many different spend tracking services. Scanner data, Web clicks, Credit Cards, etc. We still need survey research to tell us why they bought..or do we?

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