NEWS26 May 2023

Amazon most connected brand in US for fifth year

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US – Amazon has been named the most connected brand in the US for the fifth year in a row, according to Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index.


The index, which has run for five years, also named Google as the second most connected brand, a position it has also held since the index began.

The rest of the top five were supermarket Walmart, Apple and the chocolate producer Hershey’s.

YouTube, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, snack producer Lay’s and Samsung rounded out the top 10 on the index.

The Most Connected Brands Index in the US measures the brands that have become most “indispensable” to consumers’ daily lives, according to Opinium.

The findings are based on interviews with 6,000 consumers, 5,081 spontaneous brand mentions and 48,000 brand reviews.

Other findings from this year’s index include the rise of low-cost retailers, with Walmart rising 19 places to third and discount grocery store Kroger up 20 places to 69 overall.

Comfort food also performed well, with Hershey’s, Cocoa-Cola and Lay’s all in the top 10 and Pepsi rising 28 spots to 12th place.

Car brands also did well, with Chevrolet climbing 43 places to number 36, and rises for other automotive brands such as Honda (up 16 ) Nissan (+11 ), Ford (+8 ) and Toyota (+5 ).