NEWS8 November 2021

Altiant establishes channel aimed at academia and media

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SWEDEN – Stockholm-headquartered Altiant Academia has launched a special channel to support luxury and wealth research in the academic and journalistic fields.

A nest of golden eggs, indicating wealth

Altiant was founded in 2014 with the specific aim of delivering “highly validated, affluent samples for luxury and wealth research” and is now inviting students and journalists to access and analyse its in-house research data files.

Altiant is to put at students’ disposal more than three years of continuous data collected through its Glam (global luxury and asset management) Monitor. The online platform focuses on the behaviours of its panel of validated affluent and high-net-worth (HNW) individuals. It claims to be the only open interactive platform offering exclusive data from such individuals to researchers interested in understanding the behaviours of this hard-to-reach target audience.

Compiled quarterly, Glam Monitor covers data points from Europe, Asia and North America and touches on a wide array of topics, including luxury purchase intentions, financial market sentiment, sustainability and travel.

Typical Glam selection filters include gender, region and household income ($100K-250K and $250K+); the median household income in this quarter is $275k.

Since the launch of the Glam Monitor in 2018, Altiant says that data from around 6,000 affluent and HNW individuals has been collected.