NEWS2 December 2020

Altiant launches millionaire media consumption report

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SWEDEN – Luxury insight specialist Altiant has introduced a syndicated report on millionaires’ use of media and attitudes towards brands, aimed at media buyers.

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The subscription is based on research with 1,000 high net worth individuals (HNWI) and ultra-high net worth individuals with investible asset levels of at least $1m, and covers the UK, US, France and China.

Based on Altiant’s panel of high net worth consumers, it includes data on the use of print and online publication subscriptions, social media behaviour and sentiment towards advertising.

Data will be published by Tableau Online and can be filtered by market, income level, age, gender, and key consumption habits, for example, luxury fashion or automotive buyers.

The report will launch in January 2021.

Lars Long, founder and chief executive, Altiant, said the data would support “strategic HNWI targeted media buying practices”.