NEWS14 August 2017

Alteryx partners with Plotly on ‘visualytics’

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US – Self-service data analytics provider Alteryx has partnered with data visualisation platform Plotly to offer visual representations of data as it moves through the analytics pipeline. 

These ‘visualytics’ will be offered within the Alteryx platform, with the intention of offering analysts a ‘more agile environment that supports sophisticated analytics techniques'.

“Increasingly, our customers are asking to visualise and understand their data not just at the conclusion of the analytics process, but throughout the problem-solving journey,” said Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx.

“Plotly’s interactive visualisation is the ideal technology to match with the Alteryx platform to increase the productivity of analysts during the entire modelling process.

"Through visual analytics — or, visualytics, as we like to call it — we are making those thrilling discoveries all the more accessible.”