NEWS10 July 2009

Albanian election poll heralds ‘new era’ for research, says Zogby


ALBANIA— John Zogby says the successful running of election polls in Albania shows that the country has entered a new era for opinion research.

In an interview with Research, Zogby, founder and president of Zogby International, said the very fact his firm was able to conduct an accurate exit poll in the vote on 28 June said a lot about the state of democracy and readiness for reform in Albania, where past elections have been criticised by observers.

“You’ve had tremendous change in a country like Albania in the sense that there is a freer market, there is a freer government and that breeds an atmosphere where people feel free to talk,” he said. “It also means someone coming round with a clipboard asking you lots of questions is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Sam Rodgers, who managed the Albanian polling project at Zogby International, said there are likely to be many more organisations conducting polls the next time an election is held in the country.

Watch out for our full interview with John Zogby and Sam Rodgers of Zogby International next week.


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15 years ago

Zogby completely blew the exit poll, predicting a 76% win by the DP. The final tally was 49%-49% between PD and PS with the deciding votes going to LSI who partnered with PD to form a government. Zogby sucks so bad they should just quit.

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