NEWS7 October 2011

Aimia appoints Harris for loyalty study

New business North America

CANADA— Loyalty management firm Aimia has appointed Harris Interactive to carry out an online study of consumers in Canada, the US and UK to compare the attitudes and behaviours of Millennials and older consumers.

Harris Interactive was tasked with surveying 2,282 people aged 19 and over in the US, 2,113 in the UK and 2,045 in Canada. Results of the US part of the project have already been released and will be followed up by findings from the other two countries in October and November.

The study examines attitudes towards loyalty, privacy and technology.

Aimia’s VP of knowledge development Rick Ferguson said: “Across the globe, the Baby Boom generation is retiring, and as such it’s critically important for marketers to understand how Millennial attitudes towards technology, data privacy and rewards will change the way brands build strong, profitable relationships with their best customers.”