NEWS22 May 2014

Affectiva in distribution deal for Affdex with 20|20 Research

North America Technology

US — Affectiva is partnering with research technology and services firm 20|20 Research in a support and distribution deal for its new facial coding software Affdex Discovery.


The technology, which has been designed for use in qualitative research settings, allows respondents to watch streaming media, such as adverts, trailers or videos, on a computer while their facial expressions are captured on camera and analysed.

Data is fed back immediately to group and interview moderators, allowing them to ask follow up questions of the study participants.

20|20 says its role in the deal is “to aid researchers and research firms in using Affectiva’s new consumer emotion insights product anywhere the research method is needed”.

News of the 20|20 partnership follows a report earlier in the week that Schlesinger Associates had added the Affdex Discovery tool to its portfolio of qualitative services.