NEWS10 November 2016

Advertisers and agencies ‘demand branding metrics’ for digital video ads

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EUROPE — New research from IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe has revealed that digital video measurement is moving towards KPIs like brand awareness and purchase intent and away from clicks.

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The survey of over 650 advertisers. agencies and publishers from across 31 markets showed that nearly all stakeholders are now deploying some sort of digital video advertising strategy: over 90% of all respondents claimed to be using the channel; 90% of buyers (advertisers and media agencies) cite an increase in their investment over the next 12 months and 90% of publishers anticipate an increase in digital video advertising revenues in the same period. 

It also revealed that digital video is recognised as an essential brand building format and that this is driving the move away from measuring ad serving metrics such as clicks and towards measuring brand KPIs such as brand awareness and purchase intent. 

Sixty seven per cent of advertisers and the same proportion of agencies are using brand awareness as a key ad effectiveness metric to evaluate digital video campaigns, while 58% of publishers are offering brand awareness as a key ad effectiveness metric.

A large proportion of buyers also want to see viewability metrics for their digital video advertising campaigns. This is particularly true in Western Europe and Southern Europe, where 83% and 80% use viewability to evaluate their digital video campaigns. 

The full report can be downloaded here