NEWS7 January 2010

Ad agency Bark gets emotional with neuromarketing technology

Europe New business

DENMARK — Advertising and marketing agency Bark Group is working with neuromarketing agency MindMetic to help it produce ad campaigns that bring out a stronger emotional response among consumers.

The firm will show viewers videos of ads and marketing messages and then trace their eye movements, detect skin reactions and measure responses in the brain’s cortical region. Then, a series of algorithms and measurement devices will be used to interpret activity in the viewer’s brain and gauge their emotional responses to the footage.

Once the results have been delivered, Bark says it will be able to “zero in” on the images, colours, sounds and words that elicit the strongest emotional reactions.

The firm will then develop ads and marketing campaigns that have more emotional impact on viewers and a “scientific edge” over competitors.

Bark CEO Anders Hageskov (pictured) said: “Marketers have long known that thoughts and feelings drive consumer behaviour. With this advanced neurotechnology, we are leveraging science to target the emotional reactions that advertisers wish to arise in their consumers.”