NEWS23 April 2015

Ace Metrix introduces personality metric

North America Technology

US — TV and video analytics company Ace Metrix has added a new personality metric to identify the influential creative characteristics of ads.

Designed to complement Ace Metrix’s Ace Score, the Ad Personality Profile comes from consumer viewers and identifies the creative characteristics that are most influential to a TV or video ad. This is intended to help marketers to place their ad and brand in the best situation to succeed.

The five key personalities identified by Ace Metrix, driven by the Ad Personality Profile, are:

Perfomer ads: highly entertaining and/ or store emotions

Re-engager ads: ads viewers are happy to watch again

Professor ads: open eyes to new ideas and make us better informed

Converter ads: make us think differently about brands

Reinforcer ads: connect with us by calling upon pre-existing desires

“The Ad Personality Profile provides advertisers with a clear vision into the ‘why’s behind the what’s’ of ad resonance,” said Bruce Pivarunas, Ace Metrix chief product officer. “By pinpointing the communicative personality of an ad, advertisers gain much sharper insight into what is and is not resonating with consumers.”